BTS V I Purple You Bracelet

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Very Beautiful I Purple You Bracelet for BTS Fans around the Universe!
Materials: 18K Gold Filled Copper, Rhodium. Allergy-Free Materials, not easy to fade, can be used for a long time. This Chain is kind of soft because it's Pure 18K Gold filled but it's strong and durable. The Purple Heart Charm is Enamel Charm, very cute and pretty!
How to handle your Jewelry to last the color for a long time. Remove it when you have a shower. To clean it, use a Jewelry cloth to wipe the dirt and to make it shine again. Always put it in a small plastic bag and in the Jewelry box. And of course, enjoy your bracelet. "I Purple you!" 🙂
Chain Size and Dimension: Width-3mm x Height- 6mm
Bracelet Size: 5" inches, 6" inches, 7" inches, 8" inches, 9" inches
Purple Heart Charm Size: 12mm