BTS Jimin Style Gothic Cross Earrings

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BTS Jimin inspired Gothic Cross Earrings.
Jimin is seen wearing earrings similar to this in the songs Dynamite, Wings Lie Era, and Black Swan. It seems like with Jimin's good looks these kinds of earrings have become a trend. I really admire the BTS members for their style of fashion from clothes to jewelry. All of BTS looked like royalty, but Jimin looked especially princely wearing the Gothic Cross Earrings.
Want to Own one? These Cross Earrings it's a perfect piece that’ll add a touch of heaven to any outfit you wear. Wear it with your favorite outfit to complete your look , its a statement that will have you feeling blessed and well dressed.
Materials: Cross Earrings- Silver Alloy, Hoop Earrings- 18K White Gold Filled- 925 Sterling silver.
Allergy-Free Materials.
Available in 2 sizes:
Cross Size, Dimension - 25mm, 20mm
Hoop Earrings size- Dimension - 15mm