BTS Bookmarks, Double sided Holographic Glitter Photo bookmarks

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BTS Double sided Holographic Glitter Photo bookmarks

BTS Bookmarks, Double sided Photo bookmarks, Books Accessories, Fan Ar

Beautiful Handmade BTS Bookmarks With holographic film. The Holographic laminating film effect is vivid and gorgeous, crystal clear, rainbow laser dazzling, dreamlike light and shadow effect makes the photos attractive and beautiful! And not only that...This Glitter laminating film is perfect to prevent the screen or photo from being scratched, contaminated or wet, and play a role in protecting the screen. At the same time, the cold laminating film can make the photo image have high anti-corrosion and anti-ultraviolet erosion, and it will be new for a long time, and it can increase the strong three-dimensional feeling and produce unexpected effects.

Bookmarks size: Height-6.5 inches * Width-3 inches
Features: Double sided Photos, with Beads and Silk Tassels.

Handmade with love for BTS Army, lovers, and fans around the world.
Please choose your favorite BTS members or pick them all for your BTS boys collection.

If you want a custom or personalized photo Bookmark please feel free to message me, and I will do that for you, but of course you have to send me the photo you like to put on the bookmark.