Blue Tourmaline Crystal Stone Necklace

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A beautiful Necklace for BTS lovers, or for anyone who love to wear this kind of style or color of Necklace. It is a Turquoise blue color, and is a vivid combination of blue and green.
Turquoise blue is cheerful and energizing yet soothing. Pair it with blue and green for a pulled-together, calming feel. It adds warmth anywhere, and its versatility means it also looks great with bright, vibrant shades such as fuchsia and red. You are going to love this Necklace! 🙂
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver Chain, Turquoise Blue Tourmaline Crystal Stone, Turquoise Blue Cubic Zirconia,
Chain Length 18" Inches, Chain Width 1.5 mm
Pendant Size: Blue Tourmaline- 5*5mm
Pendant Size: Cubic Zirconia- 10*10mm