925 Sterling Silver Googly Eye Earrings. Googly Eye Necklace. Evil Eye Necklace.

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Trendy, Cute, and Beautiful Googly Eye Earrings, Googly Eye Necklace, and Evil eye Necklace.

My story is.... I always wear these earrings at school, and oh boy! I got a lot of compliment of how cute and pretty they are! Everybody loves my googly Earrings and Necklace! Now I would like to share my simple Creation with you and I hope you will enjoy wearing them too! :)

Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Googly Eye Bead Charms.
High Quality and Allergy-Free.

Dangle Earrings Size: Googly Eye- 40mm long. Googly eye size-10mm with Stopper Backing.
Stud Earrings Size: 10mm With Stopper Backing

Googly Eye Necklace: Snake chain- Width 2mm*Length 18mm. Google Eye Charms Size- 10mm
Evil Eye Necklace : Rolo Chain-Width 2mm* Length 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches. Evil Eye Charms Size- 12mm*8mm