14K Gold Filled Anklet With Amazonite Natural Precious Gemstone

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Beautiful Anklet for Girls or for Women, or you can wear it as a bracelet. Either way you will always be look so pretty on it! :)

Material: 14K Real Gold Filled, Precious Gemstone Amazonite, Austrian Crystal Beads Spacer, Agate Tiger Eye Beads, Stainless Steel.
Bead size: 6mm, 4mm, 10mm, 12mm

Are you ready for the summer? Wearing shorts and dresses in the summer is fun, and of course don't forget to wear your favorite Anklet to make you look more cuter and sexier! These Anklet is perfect for you to wear wherever you go. The chain is made of high quality 14K real Gold Filled, more durable and longer lasting than any gold plated items.
Gold filled jewelry never tarnish or turn green. It's a great alternative to solid 14k gold. You can use 10-30 years if you follow some caring tips.

Gold Filled VS Gold Plated Jewelry

A thin gold layer on gold-plated jewelry wears out after a while, so it starts tarnishing quickly. More precisely, the base metal appears over the gilding. The recommendations are to clean it with a cotton ball when necessary and avoid scrubbing.

It is not common, but gold-filled jewelry can tarnish under specific circumstances. In that case, you should clean it with mild soap and a clean cotton cloth. Jewelry made of pure gold never tarnish.

Gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

Skin Sensitivity
When choosing between gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry, it is essential to pay attention to your skin’s sensitivity. If you are allergic to metals such as copper, silver, brass, or rhodium, gold-filled is a better option for you. With gold-filled pieces, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions.

Taking care of gold-filled jewelry is not complicated. In most cases, water, mild soap, and a soft cloth are enough to clean it thoroughly. Avoid polishing unless necessary and pay particular attention to the remnants of lotions and perfumes, especially on necklaces and chains.

It is not necessary to take off gold-filled jewelry when taking a shower if you use mild soaps. If you are unsure about chemicals in soap, it is a better option to take off your jewelry to prevent ​a negative effect on gold.

Sleeping with jewelry won’t damage its surface, but rubbing the jewelry on sheets and your nightwear can create a problem after a while. That is why it can happen that your gold-filled jewelry doesn’t last as long as it can.

Gold-filled jewelry is suitable as a gift for an anniversary, prom, or birthday. It is not too expensive but is long-lasting. You can wear it when attending important events, but it is also suitable for everyday use. The best of all is that there will be no financial disaster if you lose it.

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